The following are people that are mentioned in Cheney Jackson Ingell's Civil War Diaries:

Those not in boldface are not confirmed as being soldiers or were family or friends back home.
Entries in brackets are possible soldiers for the preceding name in the diary, but cannot yet be confirmed.
Anything else in brackets are my own notes, generally to point out errors or inconsistencies between the diaries and other sources.
The main source for information was the American Civil War Soldiers list on compiled by Historical Data Systems, Inc. I also used the censuses to try to pin down the correct spelling of names.

Abbott, Corp. Charles V. (Co I, of Washington)
Aldrich, Augustine (Co G, of Clarksburg)
Andrews, Gen. George Leonard (Co S, 2nd Infantry Regiment, of Roxbury)
Arnold, Josiah (Co B, of West Stockbridge)
[also Arnold, John A, Co B of West Stockbridge]
Avey, Joseph (Co G, of South Adams) [Avy in ACWS, incorrect]
Babbitt, George W. (Co B, of New Ashford, d. 6/18/63 of disease)
Bailey, William (M.) (Co B, of Dalton)
Banks, Maj. Gen.
Barnes, Arvid C. (Co B, of Becket)
Barnes, Charles H. (Co B, of West Stockbridge)
Barnes, George L. (Co F, of Tyringham)
Barnum, Corp. Zira (Co I, of Washington) [ACWS has only rank of Private]
Bartlett, Col. William Francis (Co S, of Winthrop)
Bastion, Frederick (Co I, of Dalton)
Beckley, James (Co I, of Lanesborough)
Beeher (or Beeker?), Corp. John (Co I, of Adams)
Bennett, Samuel H. (Co B, of Becket)
Bradley, Edward R. (Co F, of Stockbridge, KIA 7/13/63 Donaldsonville, LA)
Brewster, George S. (Co D 31st Regt., of Becket, disch. 12/9/64)
Brown, Ezra A. (Co I, of Washington)
Brownson, E. (J. Nobles sent letter to)
Braunwalder, Daniel (Co C, of Pittsfield)
Burrows, Sylvester (Co I, of Washington) [d. of disease 8/14/63 "On Trans StMary" - ACWS]
Callaghan, John (Co I, of Lanesborough) ["Calaaghan" in ACWS, "Callahan" in diary]
Campion, John (Co D, of Great Barrington) ["Champion" in ACWS, "Campon" in diary]
Carly, Steven W. (Co K, of Monterey) [d. 5/27/63 acc. to ACWS]
Carman, Benjamin (Co K, of New Marlborough)
[Carpenter, Alden (Co I, of Adams)]
[Carpenter, Seneca A. (Co I., of Adams]
Chadwick, Philander B. (Co K, Monterey)
Chapin, Col.
Church, Charles G. (Co D, of Great Barrington)
Clarey, Robert E. (Co F, of Stockbridge)
Collins, Henry Alonzo (Co I, of Lee, KIA 5/6/1864)
Come, Peter (Co D, of Lenox)
Cooper, George W. (Co F, of Stockbridge)
Courtright, Charles (Co G, of South Adams) [d. of disease 5/15/63]
Cressor, James (Co I, of Worcester, d. 6/4/63) [d. 6/14/63 acc. to ACWS, incorrect]
Crozier, Lewis (Co I, of Washington) ["Crosier" in orig. diary, "Crozier" in copy]
Crosier, William L. (Co G, of North Adams)
Curtin, Carl (Co I to F, of Tyringham)
Curtis, James (Co K, of Sheffield)
[Curtis, James H. (Co D, of Lenox)???]
Deming, Corp. William (Co H, of Sandisfield, d. 2/7/63) [died 2/8/63 acc. to ACWS]
Dorman, Wallace B. (Co G, of Williamstown)
Downing, Patrick (Co I, of Agawam, d. 8/31/63)
Downs, Isaac B. (Co F, of Otis)
Dresser, Gilbert W. (Co I, of Chester)
Dudley, Col. Charles F. (Co C, of Pittsfield)
Farling, Hiram (Co C, of Lenox)
Farnam, Albert S. (Co I, of Lanesborough)
Farnam, Alfred (Co I, of Lanesborough)
Fields, George W. (Co C, of Dalton)
Foster, Orestes R. (Co I, of Washington)
Francis, Lt. Frederick A. (Co A, of Pittsfield)
Fuller, Corp. John M. (Co I, of Lee, d. 8/15/63 in New Haven, CT)
Funk, Luther (Co K, of Mount Washington, d. 5/27/63 Port Hudson, LA) ["Lther" in ACWS]
Gallipaux, Joseph (Co I, of Pittsfield) [as "Gallipaugh" in diary]
Galusha, John M. (Co G, of WIlliamstown)
Geer, Sgt. George L. (Co I, of Pittsfield)
Grant, Gen. Ulysses S.
Grippen, Henry E. (Co B, of Lanesborough, KIA 6/20/63)
Groat, Rufus (Co I, of Pittsfield)
Hamilton, Chester E. (Co B, of Becket)
Haskell, Nathan W. (Co I, of Peru)
Hatch, Edmund (Co I, of Lee)
Hizler, Corp. Casper J. (Co I) ["Hisler" in ACWS and only as Private, incorrect]
Higgins, Ira (Co I, of Washington)
Hynes, C. (E.?) H. (Co B)
Ingell, Corp. Cheney Jackson (Co I, of Washington) ["Cheeney" in ACWS]
Jakes, W. S. (Co C)
Jeffers, Lewis N. (Co I, of Pittsfield)
Jones, Henry R. (Co F, of Stockbridge)
Joray, Francis (Co I, of Great Barrington, d. 5/15/63) [as "Joury" or "Jury" in diary]
Kellogg, Lt. Leroy S. (Co I, of Lee, disch. 6/9/63) [resigned 5/30/63 acc. to ACWS]
Kelly, Corp. John (Co I, of Washington)
Kettle, Samuel S. (Co I, of Washington)
Knight, John N. (Co C, of Cheshire)
Lamont, Daniel (Co I to F, of West Stockbridge)
Lawless (Lawliss?), John (Co F, of Stockbridge)
Leaman, Daniel (Co I, of Lanesborough) [Leeman in ACWS & Leman/Leaman in diary]
[Leyman, John (Co B, of Lanesborough)???]
Longly, M. M. [Longley - sent letters to]
Loveland, Francis (Co I, of Hinsdale)
Lynch, Charles D. (Co B, of Richmond)
Lynch, John D. (Co I to F, of Richmond)
Maloney, Thomas (Co K, of Tyringham)
Marsh, Warner A. (Co I, of Adams)
Mason, Elisha L. (Co I, of Worcester)
May, George T. (Co F, of Stockbridge)
McCanna, Peter (Co C, of Cheshire)
McDonald, Sgt. Edward (Co I, of Lee)
McKenna, James (Co I, of Pittsfield)
Moore, James S. (Co B, of West Stockbridge)
Morey, Lt. Henry G. (Co D, of Great Barrington, disch. 4/8/63) [disch. 4/4/63 acc. to ACWS]
Morey, Capt. Benjamin A. (Co I from F, of Lee)
Morgan, Ambrose E. (Co I, of Washington)
Moseley, L. (Co K)
[Mosley, Lewis (Co K, of Monterey)??]
[Mosley, Lorenzo M. (Co K., of Monterey)??]
Nea, Francis (Co I, of Stockbridge, d. 6/17/63)
Nichols, Lt. William A. (Co I, of Williamstown)
Noble, Jerry (Co I, of Washington) ["Nobles" in ACWS, incorrect]
Norton, Thomas (Co H, of Lee)
O'Donnell (O'Donald in diary), Michael T. (Co H, of Lee)
Owin, ("one of the Owin boys" d. 8/13/63)
[Owens, David (Co I, of Stockbridge) [d. 4/14/63 on Miss. R. acc. to ACWS]
[Owens, Nelson (Co I, of Stockbridge, deserted 1/6/63 acc. to ACWS)]
Packard, William H. (Co I, of Windsor)
Palmer, Corp. William H. (Co F, of Stockbridge)
Parmelee, Homer A. (Co K, of New Marlborough)
Perkins, William S. (Co I, of Adams)
Phillips, Truman G. (Co C, of Cheshire)
Plank, Sgt. Ogden H. (Co I, of Lenox)
Prutt, Levi (Co I, of Cummington, d. 8/14/63) [mustered out 9/1/63 Pittsfield, MA, acc. to ACWS, incorrect]
Reapy, John (Co E, of Egremont)
Reed, Lt. George (Co A, of Great Barrington)
Rennie, Capt. Zenas Crane (Co I, of Pittsfield)
Rhoades, Henry D. (Co E, of New Marlborough, d. of disease 8/13/63 at sea)
Rice, Dr. Albert Raymond (Co S, of Springfield, MA)
Rockwell, Sgt. Charles A. (Co I, of Pittsfield) [acc. to ACWS, he rec. disability disch. 2/17/63 Boston, MA, rank Private - incomplete record]
Sedgwick, Daniel A. (Co I, of Lenox) ["Sedwick" in diary]
Seagers, Lt. Henry M. (Co I, of Washington - rank only as Private in ACWS)
Seymour, Enos (Co D, of Great Barrington)
Seymour, James A. (Co D, of Great Barrington)
Shaw, Theron C. (Co K, of Sheffield, KIA 5/27/63 Port Hudson)
Simmons, Ensign J. (Co B, of Washington) [just as "E.J.S." & "Ensign" in diaries]
Smith, George F. (Co B 31st Regt., of Chester, disab. disch. 9/14/64)
Smith, Corp. (Co H)
[Smith, Lt. DeWitt S. (Co H, of Lee)?]
Smith, Corp. Andrew (Co I, of Adams)
[Smith, Private Andrew (Co I, of Stockbridge)??]
Smith, Maloy John (Co E, of Sheffield)
Spring, Corp. Milo (Co I, of Hinsdale)
Sturtevent, Hezekiah W. (Co C, of Cheshire)
Stone, George H. (Co H, of Lee)
Summers? (Seamans?),
[Summer, Samuel B (Co D, of Great Barrington)??]
Thayer, Edward C. (Co I, of Cummington)
[Thayer, Rufus L. (Co B, of Becket)?]
Thompson, Albert F. (Co K, of Windsor)
Torrey, Sgt. David W. (Co G, of Williamstown)
Tyler, N. F. (sent letter to)
Vandenburg, Richard (Co I, of Pittsfield) ["Vandenburgh" in ACWS, incorrect]
Van Orstrand, H. (Medical Director, Baton Rouge)
Vosburg, Herman (Co I, of Lee) ["Vosburgh" in ACWS]
Walker, Philemon (Co I, of Becket)
Warren, Francis Emory (Co C, of Hinsdale)
Whelden, Wells E. (Co I, of Richmond)
Whipple, James L. (Co B, of Becket)
Wilson, Sgt. Ezra A. D. (Co I, of Lee, disab. disch. 5/8/63)
[Wilson, Ephraim (Co I, of Washington)???]
[Wilson, William (Co I, of Washington)???]
Winchell, Corp. David (Co I, of Lanesborough, d. 7/15/63 Donaldsonville, LA)
Wing, S. I. (Solomon Ingham Wing, of Washington - not a soldier)
Wink, Charles E. (Co I, of Lenox)
Worden, Gilbert Jr. (Co B, of Becket)