Thurs. 28

Came into the City

Hospital Dec. 28th/62

After being sick with the mumps for several days Serg. E. A. D. Wilson + Milo Spring took me to General Hospital N.Y. City on December 28th, 1862 Sun.

Mon. 29

Confined to Bed at H.

Confined to Bed all day

Tues. 30

" "


Wed. 31

" "




Confined to Bed " "

confined to bed all day

Fri. 2

" "

confined to bed all day

Sat. 3

" "


Sun. 4

Put on my Clothes for the first time " "

put on my clothes - wrote letter to Dorcas

Mon. 5

Come out of the Hospital - wrote a letter to Father + one to my wife Dorcas

came out of the Hospital to Prove Guard Qts.

Tues. 6

went over to the Island with Milo Spring

went over to Regt. with Milo Spring Long Island + went back to N.Y. the same night

Wed. 7

Came over to the Island to stay - got over about 12 O'clock

Came to Long Island to stay not being on duty

Thurs. 8

out on Morning drill + on Dress Parade forenoon - wife + Father

Out on morning drill + dress parade

Fri. 9

Regt. went to Jamaca to day - went to dress Parade

Reg. went to Jamaica - self at camp on dress parade

Sat. 10

went on Morning drill + on Dress Parade - Cloudy + Rany at night

Out on morning drill and on dress parade - Rained

Sun. 11

went to inspection + on Dress Parade - warm + Pleasent - sent letter to wife

Out on Inspection / warm + pleasent - Dress parade / sent a letter to Dorcas

Mon. 12

went over to the old Cook house after Boards in forenoon on drill + Dress Parade after -

sent letter to Father / warm + Cloudy

Self and some others went over to old Cook house + got some boards in forenoon - on drill + dress parade after - sent letter to Father Ingell

Tues. 13

on drill in forenoon + on drill after + D. Parade - Mr. Longley + Wing + Dibble came here brought letter from wife

Out on drill + dress parade / Mr. M. M. Longly, Mr. Wing, Mr. Dobbs come to see us recd. letter from Dorcas

Wed. 14

acted as Comissary / warm + Cloudy / sent letter to Dorcas + Seth

Acted as Comissur as L. Crossier went home

Thurs. 15

acted as Comissary / Bought Pants / warm + Cloudy

" - Bought a pair of pants of Q.M.

Fri. 16

Acted as Commissary / Rained in Morning Cloudy in afternoon Cooling


Sat. 17

Sent Letter to Tyler / Acted as Commissary / Cold + Pleasent

" - sent letter to N. F. Tyler

Sun. 18

Cold + Pleasent / Acted as Commissary



Mon. 19

Cold + Pleasent / letter to Dorcas / Acted as Commissary

" - sent letter to Dorcas

Tues. 20

Acted as Commissary / Cool + Cloudy / received a letter from wife by Crosier

" - Recd. letter from Dorcas

Wed. 21

worked in Captain Tent as Boot Blass / Cool + Rainey

worked in Captain's Tent __

Thurs. 22

worked in Capt. Tent / warm + Foggy / sent letter to wife


Fri. 23

Marched from Camp to N.Y. - went on Board Boat about 3 O'clock / warm + Cloudy

Regt. marched from L.I. to N.Y. + went on board Steam Ship Ill.

Sat. 24

starded from N.Y. about 2 O'clock - taken sick 4 1/2 O'cl. - very sick all night / cool + Cloudy

Started for Dixie about 2 P.M.

Sun. 25

on board ship going to Ft. Monroe - feel better to day - quite sick in morn / warm + Pleasent - smooth sea

On board ship / was quite sick last night

Mon. 26

sent letter to wife - Arrived at Ft. Monroe about 10 O'clock A.M. - verry Pleasent this morning / left Ft. Monroe about 2 O'clock - one of the Salors jumped over board soon after we started / smooth sea - O God he said when he struck water

Arived at Fort Monroe 10 A.M. - we started again 2 P.M. - one of the Sailors became Craze from drink - jumped overboard + was drowned - a boat was lowered but could not reach him

Tues. 27

Ruff sea all day - sick at night - on Deck all day - Passed Cape Hatteras about 10 P.M.

Ruff seas all day - was very sick / staid on deck all night - had no strength to go below so I crept under some hay + staid all night / Sick is no name for sea Sickness - we passed Cape Hattiras about 10 P.M.

Wed. 28

Passed Charleston about 10 O'clock lass night - verry Ruff Sea all day - Sick all day - could not run over 1 mile a hour

Passed Charlestown about 10 P.M. - a very ruff sea - sea sick all day

Thurs. 29

verry Ruff Sea all night + Quite a gale / See a number Bales of Cotton + pieces of wreck + number Porposs - waves runn over Hurricane Deck last night - Captain of Ship sent clean bags below - Gen. A. sent them back - Capt. of Ship sends them back

Quite ruff - quite a gale - saw some bales of cotton + wreck pieces - Timber Boards + the waves rann over the Hericane deck last night + water down Hatchway - we had some of 21st Main Regt. on board - Captain of Ship sent them down to the Cabains from Hericane deck + Gen. Andrews sent them back - Captain sent them back + told the Gen. that he was Captain of this ship + they staid in the Cabains the rest of the night no more desturbance from Him.

Fri. 30

Verry smoothe Sea all day - feel well - reached cost of Florida afternoon - Crosier on deck all day / wrote letter to wife

Very Smothe + fine all day - neared coast of Florady towards night - L. Crozier + self on deck all day - wrote a letter to Dorcas to send the first chance

Sat. 31

Smoothe Sea all day / could see Land all day - Passed an Old wreck about 1/2 past 2 - one of the Crew said that she was wrecked with 1200 soldiers aboard - a man of war took the men + took them to Key West / Cloudy + looks like rain to night Stary - we Passed Key West at 10 P.M.

Very smothe sea - could see land all day - we passed an old wreck 2:30 P.M. - one of the soldiers said that there was 1200 soldiers on board + Gun Boat took them off + to Key West which we passed about 10 P.M.