Sun. 1

Smooth Sea in Morning - see some Flying Fish - they are about as large as Chipping Birds white went out on Bow of Ship + all washed after Dinner passed Ft. Jefferson about 1/2 past 1 O'clock on Point of Bahama Islands / up on Deck untill 11 O'clock with Loveland - verry still at night

Smoothe sea - saw some Flying Fish / the whole of this Regt. went out on bow of the Boat + washed in afternoon - one Ira Higgins of Co. I we forced to take his clothes of + wash himself - we passed Fort Jefferson about 1 P.M. / it was so pleasent that Loveland + self staid out on deck untill 11 P.M.

Mon. 2

Smooth Sea all day / Saw a number of Sailes + some schools of Sail Fish / quite Roolling about at dark

Smoothe sea - saw a number of Sails + Sail Fish - the waves commenced to roll towards night

Tues. 3

Verry Rough last night - verry sick in forenoon - better after - Came to the Mouth of the Miss. about 4 O'clock P.M. - Pilot came aboard + Run on a sand bar + could not get off

A Ruff sea last night + I was very sick in the forenoon - came to the mouth of the Mississippi River about 4 P.M. / a pilot came on board + we were to near a sand bar to stop before she runs on to it + could not her off

Wed. 4

Cool + Cloudy - in the mud untill 1/2 Past 4 O'clock P.M. - wrote letter to wife - got up all hands to go onto the stern of Ship to get her off Sand Bar / got off + Ancored + drifted off about 10 miles from where she was Anchored in Morn. - Thunder Shower about 7 P.M.

Cool + Cloudy - we staid on sand bar untill 4 P.M. all day - could not get off
* [ wrote letter to Dorcas / About 4 O'clock this A.M. all was got up on Stern of Boat + got off the bar + anchored + drifted off 10 miles + come back - could not get over bar

Th. 5

Came up to the shore + Anchored + staid all day - wind Blew hard all day + Cold - Co. G Boys gave Quarter Master a talking to about Rations - one of the Sailors died today - he got hurt with crank

On bar all day - Co. G. Boys had a fuss with Q.M. about Rations / A River Boat come + took the Soldiers off accept the sick + attendance / one of the Sailors died to day - he got hurt a few days ago by a crank while drawing water

Fri. 6

n.p.t.h.d. - Steam Boat come + took all of the Soldiers off + started about 1/2 Past 4 O'clock - the Ship then Pulled Anchor / I am left with Orderly on Ship - he is sick with Rheumatism - Ship started about 5 O'clock - ran aground again before she got over Bars / quite Cold to day

yesterday the Soldiers left the Ill. about 4:30 P.M. + the Ills. backed out a little but could not get off the sand - I am left with W. A. Marsh - he is unable to be moved - Rheumatism in legs feet + arms + hands - cannot help himself but little - quite cold in Evening ] *

Sat. 7

Stuck fast in the mud all day - about 11 O'clock at night a Steam Tug came + highted to her but could not start her a peg - orderly Better to day - warm + Pleasent all day

Stuck fast in the mud - about 11 o'clock a Tug Boat come + tried to pull the Ill. out but could not. / Warm + pleasent - Ordaly better to day.

Sun. 8

Marsh not quite as well in morning - Capt. of Ship went to N.O. this forenoon / sent letter to wife by Steamer Bound to N.Y. - verry long + lonesome day - Orderly Better to night - warm + Pleas. - Corporal Demming Died about 10 O'clock last night

Ordaly not quite as well to day - Capt. of Ship went to N.O. to day - sent a letter to Dorcas by a Steam Boat to N.Y. - Marsh better this evening - it has been a lonesome day for me. / Corporal Deming died 11 o'clock last night

Mon. 9

Still on Ship in the mud - Steam Boat came to take us off about 3 O'clock - took smoethings off + let loose + Anchored - see number of vessels to day

Still on the Bar - Boat come to take the rest of us off - took some of the things off + cut loose + anchored a little way off

Tues. 10

got ready to go aboard Che. Kiang - went in small Boat to the large one + left Knapsacks + H.S. on Ill. - Marsh quite smart - Passed a number of Ships + see for the first time a Hats [House?] scince we started from York - the Fog rose so that we had to stay for night

Went on board of the Chec Kiang - I had to take the Ordaly on my back + go down a ladder into a small Boat + then some way on the Chec. - I left my Knapsack + Haversack on the Illinoise - Ordaly better to day. / we passed a number of Ships going up at night - it was so foggy we had to stop for the time

Wed. 11

Arived at N.O. about 9 O'clock - put Marsh on Ambulance to go to the Hospital - then went to depot + took the Cars to Carlton + came to Camp which is about 1 mile from depot - got my Blankets about dark - received a letter from wife + Seth

Arived at N.O. about 9 A.M. - I put Ordaly on an Ambulance for the Hospital / then we went to the Depot - took the cars for Carolton - arived there about noon - got my Blankits at night - Camp is about 6 miles from N.O. on a low piece of land several feet lower that the river - Received a letter from Dorcas - warm + pleasent

Th. 12

worked putting Boards into Tents with Foster + fixed Tent for Crosier + self / Showery + verry warm - as warm as warm days in June - verry mudy after Shower

Helped Foster put floor in tent - also Crozier for our Cook tent - staid with him - quite warm + sultry - Had a shower afternoon

Fri. 13

went out on morning drill + Battalion drill afternoon - warm + Pleasent in the forenoon - cloudy after / n.p.h.t.d.

Out on morning drill forenoon - Battalion afternoon + dress parade - warm + pleasent

Sat. 14

out on morning drill / boys went to the river + washed themselves + Clothes / on dress Parade - warm in middle of day + Cool + Cloudy at night - verry heavy fog + dew in morn / wrote letter to wife + mother

Out on morning drill then went to River + washed our Clothes + c. - on dress parade - mild in middle of the day - cool + Cloudy at night - wrote letter to Dorcas + Mother Spaulding

Sun. 15

Quite warm in the middle of the day - Thunder Shower about 5 O'clock - got my things from the quarter Masters this forenoon - helped Crosier fix + put the Cooking things to rights - no dress Parade to night - it rained the hardest I ever saw / the water in Tent 3 in. deep some ____

Helped Crozier _____ the Cooking + putting things to right - I got my Knapsack + c. from Quarter M. - no dress parade - A very hard Thunder Shower about 5 O'clock - I never saw it rain as hard before + 10 o'clock the camp was all covered with water from 3in. to 10in. deep - I wasted on a cracker box about 2 by 3 feet square

Mon. 16

out on Morning drill + Afternoon drill - about 4 P.M. O'clock we had orders to Pack ready for a start - helped Crosier Pack things - started about 11 P.M. O'clock from Camp - came to wharf + staid. / out on bank untill 2 A.M. O'clock - then came aboard the Brunswick + staid untill morning - one of Co B men died about 11 O'clock P.M.

The water was all gone before 9 O'clock - out on morning drill + afternoon drill - had orders to pack ready to start up the river / I helped Crozier pack cook things + my own / started from Camp about 11 O'clock - staid at landing until 2 O'clock A.M. - got on board + staid until morning on the New Brunswick - one of Co. B. men died about 11 o'clock P.M.

Tues. 17

started from Carrollton 7 O'clock for Batton Rough - came up to Donolstonville + Anchored about 5 O'clock - a small Fort here - saw several verry nice Plantations to day

Started from Carrolton about 7 O'clock A.M. / came to Donaldsonville + anchored about 5 P.M. / a small Fort - we saw some nice Plantations on the banks of the River coming up

Wed. 18

started about from Donald. about 10 P.M. - went part way + Anchored again - started again 5 O'c. A.M. - arived at B. Rough about 10 A.M. - left the Boat about 11 O'clock - March to Camp which is about 1 1/2 miles from the Landing + Piched our Tents - Crosier + the Cooks were taken to another Camp - came to Camp about Sundown - had supper about 1/2 past 6 P.M. - Tea + 2 hard Tack

We started from D.ville about 10 O'clock P.M. - It being foggy had to stop + starteed again about 5 o'clock A.M. - This A.M. arived at Battan Rough / about 10 O'clock A.M. - left the Boat for Camp about 11 O'clock A.M. - Marched about 1 1/2 miles to Camp - piched our tents - cooks & c. taken to another Camp / got back sundown - had a cup of Tea + 2 Hardtack for supper about 6:30 P.M.

Th. 19

on morning + Afternoon drills - verry + Pleasent all day - n.p.h.t.d.

Out on morning + afternoon drill / warm + pleasent

Fri. 20

on morning drill - on Brigade drill afternoon + dress Parade - sent letter to wife - Lieut. Nichols + H. Segars + one more on Picket Guard - wrote a letter for J. Nobles

Out on morning drill + Brigade drill afternoon + dress parade - sent letters to Dorcas - Lieut. Nichols + H. Seagers + one more on Pickett. / Wrote a letter for Jerry Noble to his wife

Sat. 21

on morning drill - n.p.h. / on dress Parade - Lieut. Kellogg on Picket Guard

Out on morning drill + dress parade - Lieut. Kellogg on Picket

Sun. 22

stood on Guard - quite Pleasent + cool at night - n.p.h.

On Guard - Cool at night

Mon. 23

in afternoon Brigade drill - cool at night - n.p.

Come of guard - out on Brigade drill

Tues. 24

on Policce duty + Battalion drill + dress Parade

On police duty + Battalion drill + dress parade

Wed. 25

on Guard at Col. Chapin Head Quarters - wrote letter to Father Ingell

On Guard at Head Quarters Col. Chapin / wrote letter to Father Ingell

Thurs. 26

came off Guard - Appointed 6 Corporal + M. Spring 7th + Vandenburg 8th

Came of Guard + was appointed Corporal / Milo Spring 7th - R. Vandenburg 8th " ["=Corporal] / on dress parade - the names were sent in for approval by Col. Bartlett

Fri. 27

n.p.h. / commensed raining at night

On Police duty - Dress parade - it commenced to rain this evening

Sat. 28

quite a Thunder Shower - commensed to rain about 8 A.M. 9 O'clock rained untill about 11 A.M. / went out on inspection in the afternoon + mustered for Pay

Out on Inspection morning - mustered for pay in afternoon - have not been paid scince we enlisted