MAY '63

Fri. 1

Packed the bags money to send home $4.90 in all - quite warm all day - out on Battalion Drill - n.p.h. - wrote Letter for Jerry to his wife

Received + packed the Boys money to sent home + sent it to S. I. Wing, Washington, Mass. to be by him delivered to its destination as follows:

C. J. Ingell to his wife - $55.00
Lewis Crozier to his wife - $55.00
E. A. Morgan to his Father - $65.00
Sylvester Burrows to his wife - $25.00
S. S. Kettell to his wife - $60.00
Milo Spring to his Father - $55.00
Frances Loveland to his Father - $70.00
Jerry Noble to his wife - $55.00
H. M. Segars to his Father - $50.00
N. W. Haskell to his Father - $40.00

Whole amount - $530.00

I got the whole amount Insured + sent as above by Express, the expences being paid by us "which was received + delivered to each as stated above proptly by Mr. Wing" / out on morning + Battalion drills + D. Parade

Sat. 2

Sent S. I. Wing $530. by Express - out on M. Drill - n.p.h.t.d.

Out on morning drill + Battalion afternoon

Sun. 3

verry warm + Cloudy / out on inspection in Morning - wrote two Letters - Regt. went out + heard preaching for the first time - 1500 Cavalry from Gen. Grant Army came with 150 Prisoners - said they had parolled 1550 while on there root

Out on inspection + to hear preaching for the 1st time scince we left N.Y. - I wrote a letter to Dorcas + to Father Ingell / Gierson with 1500 Cavalry with Prisoners "150" said he had taken + parolled 1500 Prisoners scince he left Gen. Grant Vicksburg

Mon. 4

Sent a Letter to wife + to Father Ingell - verry warm + Hasey - n.p.h.t.d. - the warmest day yet

Out on morning drill + Battalion D. Parade / finished letter to Dorcas + Father Ingell / the warmest day we have had as yet

Tues. 5

out on Morning Drill - afternoon Brigade / Promenaded the City of B.R. - n.p.h.t.d.

Out on morning drill - Brigade afternoon + Promenaded the City - come back + was dismissed without Dress Parade

Wed. 6

out on Morning Drill - n.p.h.t.d. - quite cool + Blustering about - sick

Out on morning drill + Battalion + D. Parade / Cold + very blustering all day - almost sick / have not been well about the middle April

Thurs. 7

Sick all day - n.p.h. - only change of drill + Dress parade - cool + Blustery

Quite sick all day - was not out but little / change of Dress parade + drill tomorrow

Fri. 8

out on drill Parade in Morn. / heard Guns up the River / Received a letter from wife + Electa - Sent letter to wife / out on Battalion Drill - n.p.h.

Out on Dress parade in the morning / heard some Canon up the River / Rec'd. a letter from Dorcas + Electa - out on Battalion drill afternoon - had to fall out + rest untill we come in + come with the rest

Sat. 9

heard heavy fireing up the River - probably at Ft. Hudson Early this morning out on Dress Parade - n.p.h.t.d.

Heavy fireing up the River Early this morning - out on Dress parade in morning - quite heavy fireing up the River this Evening

Sun. 10

heard verry heavy Firing at Ft. Hudson from 3 untill 1/2 past 5 O'clock - out Dress Parade / received my warrant as Corporal - n.p.h.t.d. - wrote Letter to Electa + Husband

Heavy firing from 3 until 5 A.M. / out on dress parade - Received my warrent as Corporal from Col. Bartlett / wrote letter to Electa + Husband

Mon. 11

on dress Parade M. - afternoon Battalion Drill - n.i.p.h. - Co. D. took the plase of Col. Dudly Brigade at night / report that Dudly Brigade as ordered to march to Ft. Hudson - Cooks had orders to cook Two days rations ahead to be ready for a start at short notice

Out on dress parade - Battalion in afternoon / Company D took the place of Dudley's / at night it reported he was ordered to Pt. Hudson - the Cooks had orders to cook 2 days rations to be ready to start at short notice

Tues. 12

out on Dress Parade / Sick all day - n.p.h.t.d. - verry warm + Pleasent

Out on dress parade - was quite sick all day but kept up the most time / did not go out on drill

Wed. 13

went to the Doct. for the first time - Regt. had orders to Pack Knapsacks + have 2 day rations in Haver Sacks - 5 Co. went started about 12 A.M. / 60 Detailed in the Morn. to go to the City on Fatigue Duty but returned / staid in tent all day - hear Canon at Ft. H. - heard them from 11 to 12 P.M. - 100 of them - to night canon the ____

I went to the Dr. for the first time / he give me a powder that made very sick all all day / Regt. had orderes to pack Knapsacks + two days rations in Haver Sacks - 5 Companys detailed to duty in City "Fatigue Duty" but returned - soon heard canon up the River - 100 from 11 to 12 M. / I had to stay in Tent all day / I hear 5 Co.'s have gone up to Pt. Hudson

Thurs. 14

Rainy in Morning - Sick - 5 Co. returned to Regt. about 4 O'clock - they went up within 7 miles of Ft. Hudson to cary Provisions + Dudly's Brigade Co. A. F. C. I. + H. [K.?]

Rained in the morning - quite sick / the 5 Co.'s returned to Camp about 4 A.M. / they went up as Guard Provision train for Dudly's Brigade Co.'s A, F, C, I, + K

Fri. 15

went to see Doct. - gave me Powder that made me verry sick all day + night / Frances Jury died of Co. I. - the first one. / Chas. Courtright of Co. G. died this afternoon - n.p.h.t.d. - I write lying down

went to Dr. - gave another powder that made me very sick all day + night + only took 1 - was to take one every 2 hours / Frances Joury died - the first in Co. I / Charles Courtright in Co. G died / I was sick - not able to sit up to write

Sat. 16

Doct. came to Tent to see me this Morning - gave me 2 pills - very sick - Courtright + Jury buried this forenoon - verry warm - n.p.h.

Dr. came to my tent + gave pills that sp__ted me some - Joury + C. buried

Sun. 17

Doct. give Powder that made verry sick - Cor. Smith of Co. H. - n.p. - verry hot / keep hearing Canon at Ft. Hudson

Dr. gave another powder - took one which made me very sick again / heavy canon up the River

Mon. 18

went to the Doct. - got 2 clover powders - verry warm - feel better to day - 48th Regt. started for Fort Hudson about 2 O'clock - n.p.h.t.d. - Cavalry + Infantry commensed opperation last night

went to Dr. - gave 2 clover powders which made me feel easyer - 48 Regt. started up the River we hear about 2 P.M.

Tues. 19

went to Doct. - got some wiskey - feel quite well to day - n.p. untill after Roll Call - had Orders be ready to fall with two days rations in the Morn. / at 5 O'clock quite sick in night

Went to Dr.'s - he gave Whiskey + Quinine which made me Sick towards night / after rool call had orders to have 2 day's rations ready to fall in in morning at 5 O'clock A.M. - Lieut. Kellogg came to me + wanted to have me go to Hospital / I would not - then he wanted to know if I would go to the Gen. Hospital if he could get a place for me - I told yes I would go there, not to Regt. Hospital

Wed. 20

fell in + started about 5 / left alone in my Tent - no one to trouble me - feel Better / The Whole Brigade has gone / verry warm but rather ____ air

Regt. fell in + started about 5 A.M. / the whole Brigade went also / I was left alone in my Tent - do not feel quite as sick to day - have not taken anything to day

Thurs. 21

feel quite slim bad - did not go to Doct. - verry warm all day - n.h.

quite sick all day + alone + none came to see me in the day
[upside down: "The Battle of Store Plains"]

Fri. 22

went to see the Doct. - he has been ordered up to Ft. H. - I feel verry weak - heavy firing last n.

Crawled over to see Dr. - he had gone up to Pt. Hudson - saw no Dr. to day

Sat. 23

verry warm - feel a little better - have had a number of showers - Doct. went of + I did not see any to day - Capt. Rennie + Zira Barnum gone to Ft. H.

Very warm - feel better to day / saw no Dr. to day - several Showers through the day. / Capt. Rennie + Zira Barnum were left sick when Regt. started - they went up to day + joined the Co.

Sun. 24

went to see the Doct. / took No. 8 - verry warm - Foster is better - nothing of importance happened to day - feel rather stronger

Went to Dr. - was a Stranger to me / he gave me No. 8 powder which made me feel much better all day - am very weak

Mon. 25

n.p.h. - feel on the Better side

Feel much better - took no medicine to day so I think the powders Dr. Rice gave me would have finished me if I had taken them as directed

Tues. 26

feel quite like myself but not verry strong - Foster feels better - can hear verry heavy fireing almost every night - n.p.h.

Feel quite like myself but very weak / hear Heavy canon up the River almost continuously night + day - perhaps a Battle at Pt. Hudson

Wed. 27

feel quite well to day / Heavy Fireing Early this Morn. + continued untill about 11 O'clock - not a gun heard up to Sundown - a great many rumors about the reason - hope for the best / nothing paricular heard from there
[scribbled over this entry: "Charge on the Enemy works"]

Feel quite well to day but weak / have heard heavy fireing up River this morning - none after 11 A.M. + hope the Battle will be a Victory for us - no news from them as yet
[on side: "Charge on Pt. Hudson by whole Bank's Forces"]

Thurs. 28

feel quite well to day - a great many of our Officers have been wounded at Ft. Hudson - don't know how many nor who - Col. Bartlett came back wounded - Foster came out of the Hospital

Feel quite well this morning but weak / can hardly walk around / we hear that the Battle was faught + that a great many of the Union Soldiers were kill + wounded - Col. Bartlett + Lieut. Col. are among the wounded / I have not felt able to write any letters for a long time

Fri. 29

feel quite well but very week - wrote letter to wife - n.p.h. - a great many wounded have come down to the Hospital

Feel quite well but weak / wrote a letter to Dorcas - we hear that a great many wounded have come down to the Hospitals

Sat. 30

feel quite well to day - quite warm to day - n.p.h. - wrote letter for Jerry to his wife

Feel quite well to day but have no Strength / wrote letter for J. Noble to wife

Sun. 31

feel quite well this morning - washed all over / felt like a new man / no special news from Ft. Hudson - n.p.h.t.d. - don't feel quite as well as I did morn.

Feel as well as common - no spetial news from Pt. Hudson - not quite as well to night