Miscellaneous Items

The following are miscellaneous bits written in the diary:

Receipts of all kinds
To cure Felons
take a Chicken kill it Bind the Intestines on the Sore as soon as possible after killed

for Disentery
take Blackbury Root make a Tea drink small quantity and often untill checked

to Cure Ringbones on Horses
Oil the hoof with Tanners Oil on Fresh Butter Oil then skip two days then Oil agan for three times then apply the Linement if of long standing
use full strength if not reduse 1/2 with water
not touching the hoof every day / equal quantity terpentine Alcohol + Equeportice until cured

H. Van Orstrand
Medical Director Batton Rouge

Jerry Discription list
Vosburg Watsh
Beeher Tobacco

Commissary Act Cr
Jan. 14 - by Cash for Groat - $.87
by Cash to Crosier - $2.00
17 - by Cash for Groat
Grease + Bones - $.82
19th- by Cash to Jeffers - $2.00
20th- by _______ - $.33

[Scribbled big over this: "Coppied by Crosier"]

Pieces of Poetry I wish to refer to if I have occation:


He comes the Prisoners to Release [relieve]
In Satan's bondage held
The Gates of Brass before him burst
the iron fetters yeald [yield]

[from Luke 4:18]

Sovereign of Souls the [Thou] Prince of Peace
Oh may thy gentle reign increase
Throw wide the doors [door] each willing mind
And be his empire all mankind

[Joseph Grigg, 1765]

Laden with guilt + full of fears
I fly to thee my Lord
And not a glimpse of hope appears
But in thy written word

[Isaac Watts]

Just as I am thou wilt receive,
wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve,
Because thy promise I believe
O Lamb of God I come

[Charlotte Elliott]

Great God on what a slender thread
Hangs [Hang] everlasting things
The eternal state [states] of all the dead
Upon life's feeble strings.

[Isaac Watts]

[note: I add the corrected words & authors in brackets.]