JULY '63

Wed. 1

verry warm - feel quite well - n.p.h.t.d. / divided Rations to Co. / went to Hospital to See Lieut. Nichols - tried to coppy Muster Rolls / heard Rumors that Gen. Banks said that the Flag would float over Ft. Hudson the fourth

Feel quite well to day - very warm / devided our rations to satisfy Srgt. Geer + McDonald + others. / went to Hospital to see Lieut. Nichols + tried to Copy Muster Rolls but could not - hand trembled - so that gave it up - heard that Gen. Banks said that the Flag would wave over Pt. Hudson July 4th

Thurs. 2

verry warm - got Geer to coppy Muster Rolls / n.p.h.t.d. / sent Letter to wife

Very warm - got Sergt. Geer to Copy the Muster Rolls - set letter to Dorcas

Fri. 3

went up to see Lieut. Nichols + he sent me to Ft. Hudson but could not - no Boat going up - n.p.h.t.d.

Went up to see Lieut. Nichols - he sent me with papers to have signed so that he might go home - no Boat going up so I staid in Camp

Sat. 4

went down to the Landing - stayed all waiting for a Boat to go up to Gen. Banks - n.p.h.t.d.

went down to the landing + staid all day + night waiting for a Boat to go up to Pt. Hudson

Sun. 5

waited for a Boat all day - n.p.h.t.d.

Waited for Boat all day + night in Camp

Mon. 6

went down to Landing / went on the Boat about 2 O'clock - go to Springfield Landing about 11 O'clock / took Ambulance Wagon / got to Banks Head Qrs. after dark

Went down to landing + went on Boat about 2 A.M. - got to Springfield landing about 11 A.M. - started on foot for Pt. Hudson after dinner - went a mile or so + Ambulance came + got in + road up to Head Quarters of Gen. Banks - got there about dark - his Orderly took me to Cooks for the Rebs, "Prisoners" + I got a good meal of Fresh Beef + Bread

Tues. 7

got Lieut. Papers at the Regt. at night - all well as common - went to see the Port - see a Tree that one of the Balls cutt off - heard Vixburg serrendered

went over to Regt. before Pt. Hudson / got to Regt. towards night + got the Lieut. Papers - I find the Boys well as common / Plank + myself took a walk to see Sum things - looked around - we saw Trees that were 1 ft. through cut off with shell + holes in the ground where they burst 8 to 10 feet across - staid with the Company all night - had some good water from a Spring near by

Wed. 8

started from P.H. about 8 O'clock - got to B.R. about 5 O'clock - Report Pt. H. surrendered at 12 O'clock

I started from Pt. Hudson for P.R. [B.R.] about 8 A.M. on Ambulance Wagon - got down to B.R. about 5 P.M. - it is reported here that Pt. Hudson had serrendered about 12 M. - all feel happy that it has been serrendered - that will probably be the last fight that the 49th will be in

Thurs. 9

went to see Lieut. Nichols - came back - was Detailed Guard on Picket - Relieved by Negro Regt. about 1 O'clock / came to camp - had orders to Report to Convelesant Camp about 4 O'clock - Reported - came to camp + staid all night - heard our Brigade had gone down the River

Went to Gen. Hospital to see Lieut. Nichols / come back + went out on Picket Guard / the Guard was relieved by a Negro Regt. about 1 P.M. - came to Camp + had orders to report to Convalescent Camp / did so about 4 P.M. - came to Camp + staid all night - we heard that our Brigade had gone down the River

Fri. 10

came to C. Camp / was examined to go to the Regt. - went + got my Knapsack - left Over Coat 1 Wolen Blanket 1 Shirt with J. Nobles / part of Con. Regt. went to there Regts.

Came to Convalescent Camp + was examined to go to Regt. - went to old Camp + got my Knapsack - I left my over coat, woolen Blanket, Shirt with Jerry Nobles - part of the Boys went to their respective Regt. - had orders to take our Knapsacks to 49th Campt + leave them there

Sat. 11

had orders to take our Knapsacks to 49th Camp just after dinner got ready to go to Regt. - Sent letter to wife

Took K Sacks to 49 Camp + left them / I went over to see some Boys in 31 Regt. + some of the Convalescents had gone to the landing to go down to Donaldsonville - I did not get back in time from the 31st to go with them + Capt. Mory + I had quite a set to on my absents - he told me that I left to get rid of going to my Regt. - I told him that he nor no other one could accuse me in sherking duty - with truth + all I wanted of him was leave to go with them + he gave the leave - I started on double quick for the Boat - got aboard / sent a letter to Dorcas
[on side, marking off the text transcribed in italic above: "This should have been pat. to July 13th instead of 11th by mistake in copying"]

Sun. 12

out on inspection in morning - went to 49th Camp / mail come - 1 letter for Co. I. for Lieut. Nichols was all / feel verry lonesome to day / the lonesomeest day I have seen for a long time - went to the funeral of one of Capt. of a Gun Boat - got back after dark

Out on Inspection in the morning - went to 49th Camp - the mail braught 1 letter for Lieut. Nichols - that was all for Co. I - it has been a very lone some day for me - just before night there was a funeral - one of the Captains of a Gun Boat was buried / we did not get back untill after dark

Mon. 13

went over to Mass. 31st Regt. - see G. Smith + Geo. Brewster - Smith had his Arm taken off above the Elbow - started down the River to Donaldsonville to the Regt. about 7 O'clock / got down there about 1 O'clock

Now comes in what is on other page [entry for Sat. 11th] / I saw one Geo. Smith + Brewster - Smith had his right Arm taken of just above Elbo / we started down the River about 7 O'clock

Tues. 14

started off the Boat about 5 O'clock - got to the Regt. about 6 O'clock - Ambulance Corps brought in 40 Dead bodys that were killed in yesterday fight in the Corn field - 1 in Co. F. + E. Bradley from Stockbridge - don't know how many that were wounded / Whipple, Worden, Bennett of Co. B. missing

We arived at Donaldsonville about 1 A.M. / staid on Boat untill 6 A.M. / yesterday they had another fight in Corn field - ambulance braught in 40 dead - one from Stockbridge in Co. F. - E. R. Bradley. / Whipple, Worden, Bennet of Co. B are missing - don't know how many more

Wed. 15

went to River to Capt. Qrs. + helped him make out Muster Rolls in forenoon / afternoon went to River + washed all over - Corporal Winchell Drowned

went back to the River to help Captain make out Muster Rolls in forenoon / went to River + washed all over / Corporal Winchell was drowned in the River this P.M. - went to the colors on D.P.

Thurs. 16

Mooved back to the River in the forenoon + put up our Tents - verry warm / Capt. went to Batton Rouge

Regt. moved back towards the River some 1/2 mile in the forenoon - put up our Tents in P.M. - Capt. went to Batton Rough

Fri. 17

went to Cooks + got my Breakfast - verry warm - verry warm - n.p.h. / sent letter to wife

went to the Cook + got my breakfast / we have dress parade in afternoon / sent a letter to Dorcas

Sat. 18

felt quite well - had green Corn Sall I wanted - sick all night - n.p.h.t.d. - verry warm all day

quite well this morning - we had green corn - I eat some which made me Sick

Sun. 19

sick this Morning / went to the River + got my Breakfast / n.p.h.t.d. - verry warm

Quite sick this morning - went to Cooks + got my Breakfast - Rec'd. a letter from Dorcas / Quite a Thunder Shower this Evening / we have had Rain every day scince we came down here

Mon. 20

went up to Cooks + got Breakfast - feel quite Slim the morn. - received a letter from wife / verry warm all day - Thunder Shower in the evening / have had rain evry day since I came down

went up to Cooks + got my Breakfast / Sick all day

Tues. 21

feel rather the worse for ware this Morn. / the warmest day that I have seen I think - mooved our Tent - Thunder Shower in Evening - kept dry

Sick all day - the warmest day yet / we mooved our Tent - Thunder shower this afternoon - we kept dry this time

Wed. 22

feel quite like myself / verry warm - went + discharged Guns after dinner - verry warm - n.p.h.

Feel some better to day - the Regt. went to the River + disched. our Guns

Thurs. 23

felt quite sick this morning - verry warm + still - n.p.h.t.d.

Feel quite sick to day - very warm

Fri. 24

feel better today / 75 of the 49th came down to the Regt. - Showery - n.p.h.t.d.

Feel better to day - 75 of the 49 came to the Regt. to day - we don't have any drill - only Dress parade in afternoon

Sat. 25

felt quite Slim to day - not quite as warm - n.p.h.t.d.

Feel quite weak - not quite as warm

Sun. 26

went up to Cooks + cooked some Potatoes / feel better to day - n.p.t.d.

I went up to Cooks + Cooked some Potatoes I baught - about as large as Hens Eggs - paid 1 ct. apiece

Mon. 27

had Orders to drill this morning - drilled + went to Cooks + Cooked some Potatoes for Breakfast / feel better to day - not quite as warm - n.p.h.t.d.

We had orders to drill in morning last night - out on drill in A.M. / went to Cooks + cooked some more Potatoes for Breakfast - feel better all day

Tues. 28

nine months since the Co. was mustered into Service - n.p.h.t.d. - Regt. got there Whiskey after dark / feel quite well to day

On drill this A.M. - went out under a Tree in the shade + drilled sitting there - Maj. Plunkett got a ration of Whiskey for us this Evening - have felt well to day

Wed. 29

Regt. got there Whiskey this morning before breakfast - sent letter to wife - quite warm - Shower about 4 O'clock - quite heavy - Received Letter from wife

The Regt. got a ration of Whiskey this morning before Breakfast / Thunder Shower about 4 P.M. - sent a letter to Dorcas + Received one from her in the Evening

Thurs. 30

went to Cooks + got Breakfast - got some greens for Dinner - verry warm all day - n.p.h. / Crosier eat supper with us

Went to the Cooks + got some Breakfast - I picked some Greens + cooked them for our Supper - Crozier eat with us Spring, Packard + myself

Fri. 31

feel well - verry warm / about 5 O'clock had Orders to pack + fall in for B. Rouge / feel in + started - had Orders counter manded + returned to Camp - Dreamed of wife last night of making her pack up my things + left her - Stayed all night in Old Camp

Feel quite well to day. / I find that I feel much better after I have eaten anything of the vegetatable kind - had orders to get ready + fall in for Batton Rough about 5 P.M. - we feel in + started + had orders counter manded + returned to camp + put up Tents again.