Wed. 1

on Policce Duty all day - cool + Pleasent - n.p.h.t.d.

On police duty + dress parade - we have dress parade almost every day so if I have omitted it we probably had it

Thurs. 2

went up the river + cut down Trees all day with the whole Regt. that were not on Guard + only 100 at that

All that was able went up the River + cut down trees to give range to Gun Boats - we had only 100 at that that went up with us

Fri. 3

out on Battalion Drill in afternoon - wrote letter to wife - n.p.

Out on Battalion drill afternoon / wrote a letter to Dorcas

Sat. 4

had orders to Pack our Knapsacks + have our Tents ready to strike them all 11 1/2 O'clock - struck them at that time - about 4 O'clock Higgins + myself carried Spring's + Packard's Knapsacks + our Tent + carried them about 3/4 mile to our new Camp towards the River - got our Tents ready to sleep in about 7 1/2 O'clock - carried all of our Boards for the Bottom of Tent from old Camp to new one / had a nice time of it

Had orders to pack Knapsacks + strike our tents at 11:30 A.M. - struck them + mooved nearer the River some 3/4 of a mile - pitch our tents then Higgins + myself brought Packard's + Spring's traps to tent - we carried the old Boards that were in tent to our new Camp + put them in + staid there for P + S on Guard

Sun. 5

Piched our Tent - took untill noon - quite warm - no inspection to day - out on Dress Parade

We finished up our tents today which took us untill noon - out on dress parade - there was no Inspection today

Mon. 6

on Guard - quite warm + Pleasent - n.p.h.t.d. / wrote letter to Elizabeth

On Guard - nothing particular hapened today - wrote letter to Elizabeth

Tues. 7

Came of Guard - finished E. letter - out on Battalion Drill - n.p.h.t.d. - quite warm

Came off Guard - out on Bat. drill + dress parade

Wed. 8

went out with Regt. + cut down Trees in forenoon - after noon went to river + washed - quite comfortable all day - n.p.h.t.d. - Lieut. Mory Discharged

Went out with Regt. cutting trees in forenoon - went to River + washed

Thurs. 9

The Regt. went out + shot at a target four times apiece - no drill - verry warm in the middle of the day - n.p.h.t.d. - wrote a letter to wife + to Jerry's wife for him

Lieut. H. G. Morey got his discharge last night - some of the Regt. went out shooting to a mark / wrote letter to Dorcas + one for J. Noble to his wife

Fri. 10

wrote letter for Jerry Nobles to Ely - n.p.h.t.d.

Out on drill + dress parade / wrote a letter for Jerry to Brother Ely

Sat. 11

Co. went + dug Entrenchments in fore noon - washed after noon - we raised our Tent about 10 in. - n.p.h.t.d. - Received a letter from wife

Our Co. went digging + putting up intrenchmence in forenoon - I washed afternoon - Milo + myself got some Boards from an old Fence + raised our tent up about 10in. - Rec'd. a letter from Dorcas

Sun. 12

quite warm + Cloudy / wrote letter to Father Ingell - n.p.h.t.d. - Shower about 5 O'clock P.M.

Out on Inspection morning - D. parade night / wrote a letter to Father Ingell - we had a Shower about 5 P.M.

Mon. 13

out on Morning Drill / had orders to scour our Guns Bright - Received a letter from wife + one from Father Ingell - Shower in the night - n.p.

Out on morning drill - had orders to Scour our Guns Bright - Rec'd. a letter from Dorcas + Father I. / on dress parade

Tues. 14

on Picket Guard / on Post our 1/2 mile from reserve with four men / quite comfortable to day + cool all day - mooved in 1/4 M.

Out on Picket Guard at the Perkins Place - a splendid plantation out some 3 or 4 miles from B. Rough / Officer of Day Col. 30 Regt. + myself went to the House - found everything all broken up - Bedsteads worth $1.50 + other things to match destroyed

Wed. 15

about 1/2 5 A.M. a Darkey came with two Horses - sent man to the reserve - had orders to send him up to reserve about 9 O'clock - there came a white man + wife + wanted to pass to Town - sent up to the Reserve after Officer of Guard to pass him in

This morning a Darkey with 2 Horces come to Past about daylight - I sent Z. Barnum to Riserve for orders + sent him in about 9 A.M. - a white man + wife come - we took them to Reserve / came off Guard about 10 A.M. - on D.P.

Thurs. 16

received letter from wife + Mr. Longly - sent letter to wife - quite warm - was Detailed as Color Guard by the Col. - wrote letter for Jerry to E. Bronson - sleep with Jerry

On police duty forenoon - drill afternoon / Rec'd. a letter from Dorcas + Mr. Longly + sent a letter to Dorcas - wrote a letter for Jerry to E. Brownson / staid in Cap. tent with Jerry / was detailed as Color Guard by Col. Bartlett

Fri. 17

wrote letter to Father Ingell + one to Mr. Longly / the Regt. has gone out cutting Trees - I expect there was two men of Co. A + one Co. B Buried yesterday - Received letter from Father Ingell + 1 from Elizabeth - n.p.h.t.d.

The Regt. has gone out cutting trees / The Color Guard is excused from all other duty except with the Colors / wrote a letter to Father Ingell + one to Mr. Longly - one of Co. A + one of Co. B men was buried today - Rec'd. a letter I. + one from Elizabeth

Sat. 18

Regt. gone Target shooting / wrote letter to Electa / went to River + washed my Clothes - quite warm / received white glove for Dress Parade

Regt. gone Target Shooting - wrote a letter to Electa - went to River + washed - got White Gloves - on D.P. - about 10:30 all routed + put on our aquipments + ley with them on all night

Sun. 19

about 1/2 past 10 had orders to get up + put on our aquipments + ley with them on all night / Rained in forenoon - n.p.h.t.d.

Rained in forenoon / on D.P.

Mon. 20

wrote letter to wife - 2 Companies out Foraging with quite number of other Co. from other Regts. - n.p.h.t.d. - Gallipaugh + Beckly had Fight - I parted them - quite warm all day / Aired Tent in morn

Three Co.'s went out a forageing + from other Regt. also / Galapaugh + Beckly had a fight - I parted them / we Aired our tents to day / no dress parade to day

Tues. 21

Regt. out - Brigade Drill in afternoon - n.p.h.t.d. - verry warm

Out on Brigade drill in afternoon / a very warm day

Wed. 22

fell in for Breakfast by order of Capt. - Regt. went out to Shoot at Target - Signed Pay Roll in afternoon / verry warm + Pleasent - the warmest day we have had

Capt. ordered all to fall in for Breakfast / Regt. went out Target Shooting / signed pay Roll - very warm

Thurs. 23

Cor. Spring on Picket - no drill to day - Co. A. B. E. F. got their pay to day - verry warm all day - Received letter from wife

Corp. Spring on Guard - no drill / Co.'s A, B, E, + F got their pay - very warm / Rec'd. a letter from Dorcas

Fri. 24

took Cor. Smith plase on Guard in forenoon - Co. G. got pay - out on Battalion Drill in afternoon

I took Corp. Smiths place in forenoon on Guard - Co. G got their pay - out on Battalion drill - afternoon D.P.

Sat. 25

no Drill in forenoon / after went to the River + washed all over + Clothes with Co. - n.p.h.t.d. so far

No drill to day - went to River + washed / on dress parade

Sun. 26

out on inspection / some Co.'s had white Gloves - n.p.h.t.d. - Rced. Letter from wife + Father Ingell + Seth - verry warm + Pleasent

Out on Inspection in morning / dress parade - all of Regt. with Gloves - Rec'd. a letter from Dorcas, Father Ingell + Seth - very warm + pleasent

Mon. 27

Sent letter to wife / sick - out on Morning Drill + after noon Battalion / quite warm - Shower in Evening - Spring on Guard Camp

Out on morning drill - Battalion afternoon / sent a letter to Dorcas - on dress parade

Tues. 28

out on morning Drill + Brigade afternoon / quite sick after I came in / quite warm all day - Sent Letter to Seth - n.p.h.t.d.

Out on morning drill - Brigade afternoon / quite sick after I came in. / sent letter to Seth

Wed. 29

Sick in morning - did not go on Drill in morning - out on Dress Parade - sick all day - Pleasent - n.p.h.t.d.

Sick in the morning - did not drill this morning / out on dress parade - quite sick all day

Thurs. 30

got ready for Inspection / Marched out for inspection about 2 O'clock - was Mustering for Pay - Recd. pay up to 1st March $69.75

Got ready for Inspection + went out about 2 P.M. / was mustered for pay + Received pay up March $69.75