Sat. 1

Started from Camp at Sun rise for the Boat to go to B. Rouge - got to B. Rouge at Sundown - n.p.h.t.d.

We started again about sunrise / took a Boat to B.R. - arived at sundown - we staid in our old Camp

Sun. 2

n.p.h.t.d. - went to River + washed all over + Shirt with Packard

I went to the River + washed self + Clothes with Packard

Mon. 3

Cleaned my Guns / quite warm all day - n.p.h.t.d. - Maj. went to N. Orleans / feel quite well to day

had orders to clean our Guns + have them ready to give them up to Uncle Sam - Maj. went to N. Orleans

Tues. 4

n.p.h.t.d. - not quite as warm - feel quite well

In Camp doing nothing - harly Camp Guard posted

Wed. 5

don't feel quite as well this morning - went to the City + bought Striped Pants + sowed them on / had Orders to give up our Guns + Aquipments to Quarter Master / nother particular besides happened to day

Sargt. Back - wanted all of Color Guards to put stripes on + fix up as well as we could - went to City + baught stripes - had orders to give up our Guns + c. - gave them up

Thurs. 6

Packed ready to moove / waited all day + all night / Co. Divided the Co. funds / n.p.h. besides

Pack ready to go home - waited all day + night - Company divided the Company funds

Fri. 7

waited all day for Boat all day - went down to River + washed all over at night Report that the Iberville will take us in the Morning / feel quite well - warm / n.p.h.

Waited all day for a Boat - all hands went down to the River + washed / it is reported that the Iberville will take us in the morning

Sat. 8

Struck Tents + waited untill noon then marched to the Dock + went aboard the Raymond for New Orleans about 2 O'clock

Struck our Tents + waited untill noon / then marched to Landing - went on board the Raymond for N. Orleans + started about 2 P.M.

Sun. 9

Arived at New Orleans about 5 O'c. / tranfered our Bagage onto the Tempest + started for the North / one of Co. E. Man went overboard + was drowned in the night

Arived at N.O. about 5 A.M. - transfered to the Tempest + started up the River about 6 P.M.

Mon. 10

Arived at Batton Rouge about 6 O'clock - Co. H [K?] onloaded the Tents - They were taken off at N.O. + put aboard again / Started from B.R. 11 O'clock / passed Port Hudson 12 1/2 O'clock / passed 2 Gun Boats + on the Hammit about Sundown / n.p.h.

Arived at B. Rough about 6 A.M. - Co. G unloaded our Tents + c. + we started North for Home about 11 A.M. / one of Co. E men walked off the Boat + was drowned last night / passed Pt. Hudson about 12:30 P.M. / we passed 2 Gun Boats before Evening

Tues. 11

Passed Natchez about 4 O'clock this Morn. / Passed Rodny about 9 O'clock / an Old Boat stood out in front of the Plase on dry land - Passed plase where Rebs began to Fortify + one of Our Gun Boats ley there to keep them off - about noon Passed a Gun Boat + two other one the Scioto about 3 O'clock - arived at Vixburg about 8 O'clock / one of the Crew has got the Deleriem Tremers / was awfull all night

Passed Natches about 4 A.M. - passed Rodny about 9 A.M. - an Old Boat stood out from the River on dry land / the Rebs tried to fortify this place but our Gun Boats drove them off + one of our Gun Boats stood there / arived at Vicksburg about 8 P.M. / one of the Crew had the delerium treames all night - it was an awful night for us on the lower deck

Wed. 12

crossed over the River + took Coal about day light - came back + staid untill 9 1/2 O'clock / 48th Mass. started with us - Vixburg quite a plase on a high Bluff / see some Stone - the first that I have seen ____ since left L.I. - Passed where Our Troops were Building a Fort - 2 Boats stood there about 4 O'clock / passed 2 Gun Boats starting south + 2 others about 8 O'clock - have left the 48 behind

we staid untill this A.M. - crosed + took Coal about day light - came back to Rie. / started from there about 9:30 A.M. / the 48 Regt. started about the same time - the place stands on a high bluff - saw some stones for the first time scince we left N.Y. / we passed quite a number of Boats + some Gun Boats - we have left the 48th

Thurs. 13

Passed a Boat going down at Sun rise - One of the Owins Died about 2 O'clock / Sam + I made a Box for the Corps - stopped + buried him about 4 O'clock on a Bluff / Passed Nepolion + the Mouth of the Arkansas River between Sun down + dark - a large Bend in the River - Nep. a Small Plase - quite pretty - Court Houses I should judge

we passed Boats going down River / one of the Owin Boys died about 2 A.M. / Sam Kettell + myself made a box for the corps - stoped + buried him on bank of the River about 4 P.M. - passed Nepolion between Sundown + dark / passed the mouth of the Arkanssas River

Fri. 14

Levi Prutt Died this Morning about 2 O'clock went up on Deck + helped ley him out. / Boat stopped from 12 O'clock untill day light - this Morn. one of the Co. H. men died about 11 O'clock - Passed Halina Ark. about 2 O'clock - stopped about 5 minutes - stopped + Buried the Corps just before Sundown - some of the Boys killed a Creature + Brought it on Board of the Boat + skinned it on the Boat + hung it up

Levi Prutt died this morning / I went up on Deck + helped ley him out by wraping him in his Blanket / we Stoped + Buried him - the Boat stoped from 12 M. untill day light / Fogg I suppose was the cause / one of Co. H men died about 11 A.M. / Boat stoped + buried them on the Arkansas side just before Sun down - we passed Halena about 2 P.M. / some of the Boys killed a Beef + braught on board the Boat + Skinned it - I helped to hang it up in the forward End

Sat. 15

arived at Memphis about Sunrise / stoped and took Coal - Bought a loaf of Bread / Cooked some of the Beef for Breakfast this morning / Started from Memphis at 11 1/2 O'clock - 48 at the same time - have passed 9 Boats going down the River / 2 going up - C. E. Wink left at Memphis with some others

Arived at Memphis sunrise / Stoped + Coaled up - I baught a Loaf of Bread + I had cooked some of the Beef + Milo the same + we had one meal of Tough Fresh meat + Bread / started about 11 A.M. / Several was left at Memphis

Sun. 16

Stopped at New Madrid about 2 O'clock / a small plase not fortified but protected by Gun Boat No 30 - have passed 2 Boats going down the River / Passed Hackman about Sundown - a small plase / stopped at Columbus about 9 O'clock - stopped about 15 minutes - quite a pretty small plase on the Right side of the River

Stoped at New Madrid about 2 P.M. / a small place protected by Gun Boats No. 30 - passed Hackman about Sun Set / stoped at Columbus 9 P.M. about 15 min. / quite a pretty place on the right

Mon. 17

arived at Cairo about 12 1/2 O'clock / Come of the Boat about 7 O'clock + stayed on the Bank of the River all day waiting for Cars - Sleep out on the ground - 48 Boys had a merry time

Arived at Cairo about 12:30 P.M. in Rain - come of the Boat about 7 P.M. + camped on the bank of the River as best we could waiting for Cars - 48th arived soon after + they had a great time / kept me awake the most of the night

Tues. 18

stayed untill 2 O'clock - took Car for Mattoon - arived there

Staid untill 2 P.M. + took cars for Mattoon

Wed. 19

morn. just after Sunrise changed Cars + started 8 O'clock - the Ladies of Mattoon brought Refreshments to the Soldiers - I got some Cheese + Ginger Cake + Apples - Arived at Indianapolis about 7 O'clock / got supper at the Soldier Retreat - started from I. 10 1/2 O'clock - road all night _____

Arived at M. about just after Sun Rise / the Ladies of the place braught us some Refreshments - I got a jinger cake + Coffee - changed Cars + left as soon as we could get off / arived at Indianapolis 7 P.M. - got Supper at Soldiers Retreat

Thurs. 20

Bunter to our Car Broke about Daylight at Winchester - Changed Engines - stoped at Belfountain + the Ladies supplied us with Cakes + Bread at Grafton stopped + Ladies supplied us again - changed Engines + ___ ____ at Grafton - arived at Cleaveland about 7 O'clock - the ladies gave us a Supper - good one to - started for Buffalo 9 O'clock - left 3 Sick at Cleaveland

we started as soon as we could after Supper about 8 P.M. - a Bunter of Car broke + detained us quite a spell at Winchester + changed Engines / Stoped at Bellfountain + Ladies supplied us with Victuals / arived at Cleveland about 7 P.M. / the Ladies gave us another Supper / started for Buffalo 9 P.M. - left several Sick here - Lieut. Reed was one

Fri. 21

arived at Buffalo about 7 O'clock - got Breakfast - started from Buffalo about 8 1/2 - stopped at Rochester to Change Engines about 11 1/2 O'clock / stopped at Syracuse about 3 1/4 - started 4 1/2 - waited for Train - arived at Utica about 7 O'clock + had Supper - started 8 1/2 O'clock

Arived at Buffalo about 7 A.M. / got Breakfast + started 8:30 A.M. / stoped at Rochester + changed Engines / arived at Syracuse about 3:30 + started about 4:30 P.M. - arived at Utica about 7 P.M. + had Supper in the Station - a good one supplied by Ladies - started 8:30 P.M. for Albany

Sat. 22

arived at Albany about 2 O'clock / got off + got supper / started from Albany about 7 O'clock - arived at Pitts. 10 O'clock - Promonaded the streets then partook of there Refreshments / was dismissed untill 1st of Sept. - Came home with wife

Arived at Albany about 2 A.M. - got off + had our Breakfast about 4 A.M. / Cold Boiled Fat Pork slices + coffee / the worst meal I have had scince we got of the Boat - started from A. about 7 A.M. for Pittsfield - arived in Pittsfield about 10 A.M. - Marched through some of the Streets + was dismissed untill Sept. 1st - quite a number of the friends of the Boys met them in P. - we went into the Park + partook of Refreshments prepared by the Ladies of Pittsfield + a good time we had there - Dorcas met me - also Sam Kettell wife was there / there was supposed to be 10,000 people in Pittsfield this day - the Streets were full up - Started from P. for home - arvied at Home after dark - I walked home with my wife.