Sun. 1

on Guard Corporal of Guard for the first time - verry pleasent - Co. went on Inspection about 10 O'clock

went out as Corporal of Guard for the first time - the Regt. out on Inspection

Mon. 2

came of Guard - on Brigade Drill in afternoon

Came off Guard - on Brigade drill afternoon

Tues. 3

on Policce Duty all day / wrote letter to Jerry Nobles to wife - Reg't. took tents down + Aired them - Corporal Spring on Guard for the first time

On Police duty all day - wrote a letter for Jerry Noble to his wife - the Regt. took down the tents + aired them. / Corporal Spring on guard for first time

Wed. 4

went out on Brigade - Inspection in afternoon / n.p.h. - sent Letter to Dorcas

Regt. went out on Brigade Inspection / sent a letter to Dorcas

Thurs. 5

went + got Roof for cook house in forenoon - on Battalion drill after

Went with men + got boards for Cooks House forenoon - Battalion drill afternoon

Fri. 6

Corporal Guard / Rained all day

Corporal of Guard - rained all day

Sat. 7

Reg't. went out with Townies to get wood about 4 miles from camp

Some of the Regt. went out about 4 miles + brought in wood

Sun. 8

on Policce Duty in forenoon / wrote letter to Elizabeth in afternoon quite warm

On police duty - wrote letter to Sister Elizabeth

Mon. 9

out on Brigade drill in afternoon - had Orders to get ready to March at day Brake - took a Bundle to Capts. tent to be packed

Out on Brigade drill afternoon - had orders to get ready to march at day brake - took a bundle to be packed with the rest of the Co. to the Captains Tent as all unnesesary Clotheing were to packed + stored untill some future time

Tues. 10

struck tents 8 O'clock A.M. / got ready to march about 9 - had orders to pitch shelter tents soon after - commensed raining afternoon

Struck tents about 8 A.M. - got ready to march about 9 A.M. - then received our Shelter tents " a pices of Cotton Cloth about 4 by 6 ft + pitched them / it commenced to rain towards night - had a nice time - 4 of us put our tents together + made quite comfortable

Wed. 11

had orders to fall in for Inspection by Maj. Gen. Banks - went out about 7 O'clock + come in about 11 - 10 Reg'ts. - wrote letter to wife + for Jerry

Had orders to Fall in for Inspection by Maj. Gen. Banks about 7 A.M. - come in from Inspection about 11 A.M. / wrote a letter to Dorcas + one for J. Noble to his wife

Thurs. 12

went out + saw another inspection of 11 Reg'ts. of Infantry + 18 Pieces of Canon 10 Brass + 8 Rifle 8 Co. Cavelery

went out + see the Inspections 11 Regts. with Artiliry + Cavelry " 10 Brass + 8 Rifle Cannon 8 Companys of Cavelelry

Fri. 13

out on Morning drill + afternoon Brigade Drill - had orders to Pack ready for a start - sat up + Cooked untill 11 O'clock

Out on morning drill + Brigade drill / had orders to pack ready for a march with 2 days Rations - I helped the Cook untill 11 P.M. - could not sleep the rest of the night

Sat. 14

on Guard - started from Camp about 1/2 p 4 O'clock A.M. - Marched about 15 miles + Encamped for night about 1 O'clock P.M.

On Guard + started 4:30 A.M. / marched about 15 miles + encamped for the night - I did not get any sleep this night either - heavy fireing ____ at Port Hudson all night

Sun. 15

had orders to strike our Tents + Pack our things ready for a March at short Notice - about 5 O'clock started in retreat on quick Time - Marched 5 miles + had rest - just as we started Gun Boat Mississippi Blew up + I see the light of the Explosion - we Marched to Batton Rouge - Eat dinner then Marched Back to the Pontoon Bridge about 6 miles

Had orders + struck our Tents + pack ready for a start at a moments notice + started about 5 A.M. in return to Batton Rough on quick time - marched about 5 miles - halted for rest - ("just as we started from camp the Mississippi blew up - it a splendid sight") - started again + marched to B. Rough + eat dinner + then marched back to Montiecinu [Monticeno] Bayou where a Pontoon Bridge crosses + Camped in an old Cornfield being on Guard still - it Rained as it only can in the South - I got what sleep I could on two Rails layed across a small stream caused by rain with Shelter Tent for a covering - after I had stationed my Guard haveing got consent of Lieut. Frances to do so - I wake up with a stream of water running into my neck as large as a pipestem completely soaked - "Tented with the Farnam Boys"

Mon. 16

Came of Guard about 9 O'clock - went to the River + washed all over with Foster, Spring, Higgins - rain last night about all night - Thunder Shower about 5 O'clock - quite a shower - got verry wet - sleept on Some ____ down to keep out of the water - Tented with the Farnam Boys

Come of Guard about 9 A.M., went to the Bayou + washed all over with Foster, Spring, + Higgins / loaned my Rubber Blankett to A. Morgan to get Sugar in - he brought all he could carry - had dress parade - was told that object of the Expidition had been accomplished - (orders to pack ready to march at a moments warning / orders to pich our Tents again after we had got ready to march)

Tues. 17

had orders to Pack ready to March at a moments warning - about 10 O'clock had orders to Pitch Tents again / had Dress Parade - heard the News of Fort Hudson being taken - the object of the Expedition being accomplished

the last orders should have today - I have made the mistake in Copying between the mark as above

Wed. 18

had the toothache last night - went + dug Sassafrass root with Crosier + Sam / The name of the place is Montacenia [Monticeno] Bayou where we are encamped / sent letter to Dorcas

had the tooth ache all last night - feel about used up - went with S. Kettell + Crozier + dug Sassafras - Geo. Smith of Chester came over to camp of the 31 / lost one arm

Thurs. 19

in Morning George Smith of the 31st Regt. from Chester came over to Camp out - afternoon drill - verry warm

[now he mistakenly puts the part with G. Smith above, but now skips the 19th, but continues to the next day of week, thus ending up in line with the original, correct, diary]

Fri. 20

had orders to pack our Knapsacks + strike our Tents about 12 O'clock + started soon after - verry warm - fell out of rank - arived at Camp Banks Batton Rouge about 2 O'clock - Piched our Tents - verry warm

Had orders to pack our knapsacks + struck tents about 12 M. + started soon after - marched to Battan Rough to near our old Camp ground + Camped / it was very warm + I as well as others fell out - the Regt. arived about 2 P.M. the straglers all of the army from 2 untill 6 O'clock - I got in about 5 P.M.

Sat. 21

in Camp all day doing nothing / verry warm - Thunder Shower about 1/2 past three O'clock / wrote letter for Jerry Nobles to his wife - Received 2 letters from wife - 1 from Electa

In Camp all day - very warm - Thunder Shower about 3:30 P.M. - wrote a letter for J. Noble to his wife - Rec'd. 2 letters from Dorcas + 1 from Sister Electa

Sun. 22

Sunday - Put up our A Tent + put floor into it - quite warm - Tent with Packard, Higgins, + Spring - n.p.h.t.d.

Put up our A tents again - we put a board floor in ours. / I tent with Packard Higgins + Spring

Mon. 23

rainey all day - on Dress Parade - rained quite hard in the Evening

Rained all day - on dress parade in the rain

Tues. 24

rainey in morning - cleared of - out on morning drill + Battalion afternoon - quite Cool at night

Rained in morning - out on morning drill + Battalion drill + dress parade / quite cool at night

Wed. 25

out on Brigade Drill in after noon - n.p.t.d.

Out on Brigade drill afternoon + D.P.

Thurs. 26

helped Crosier cook / Sam sick - sent letter to wife

Helped Crozier Cook - Sam Sick / wrote a letter to Dorcas

Fri. 27

worked cooking with Crosier - had orders to get ready for Inspector tomorrow per order of Col. / drawed Blouse

worked with Cook - Sam Sick / had orders to get ready for Inspection tomorrow - Drawed a Blowse

Sat. 28

worked Cooking with Crosier - verry warm - made some Fried Cake - Thunder Shower at night

worked with Cook - we made some Doughtnut / Thunder Shower this evening

Sun. 29

out on inspection - n.p.h.t.d. - wrote letter to Father I.

Out on Inspection "Regimental" / wrote a letter to Father Ingell

Mon. 30

on Camp Guard - quite cool all day - n.p.h.t.d.

On Camp Guard - quite cool

Tues. 31

Came of Guard + quite comfortable to day - n.p. - sent letter to Father Ingell

Came of Guard - quite comfortable to day