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Below is a list of people I seek:
The family of Tadeusz WYSOCKI (b 1877) & Anna (Annie) WOJTKIEWICZ (WHITECAVAGE) (bc1881). They came from the Wilno, Poland area (now Vilnius), specifically Kernowa (Kernave, Lith. now), Tadeus in 1904, his wife and children in 1905, and lived in Mahanoy City, Schuylkill County, PA until 1920, then resided in Ryan Twp. in 1930. They probably moved soon after that to somewhere else in the Pocono Mts. where they had a fish hatchery. They raised my great grandmother, Michalina WOJTKIEWICZ, who was related to Anna WYSOCKA, probably as niece. Michalina had a brother Justyn WOJTKIEWICZ, who remained in Lithuania, and a sister or sister-in-law Paulina WOJTKIEWICZ, who may have died soon after coming to the US in 1912. There were also two other sisters that remained in Lithuania. The children of Tadeus & Annie WYSOCKI include: Mary (1902), Lewis (1903), Hedwiga/Edna (1906), Genowefa/Geneva/Jennie (1910), Wilhelmina [aka Lillian] (1911), Daniel (1915), and Leodenia Fabiana (1919).
Anna & Michalina WOJTKIEWICZ may have been related to Stanley WHITCAVAGE (Stanislaus/Stiney WOJTKIEWICZ) of Mahanoy City, PA. Stanley (son of Jan) & Sophie/Sophia (SUJDAK) WHITCAVAGE/WOJTKIEWICZ had the following children in Mahanoy City: Leo, Stanley J., Edward F., Henry Joseph, Frances Mary, Joseph G., Genevieve Anna, Mary Ellen, Dorothy, & Blanche. I'd be interested in contact with any of his descendants who might know their ancestry.
Also would like to know more about Martin PITCAVAGE (PIETKIEWICZ) & Joseph PITKUS of Mahanoy City. They may be related to my GG grandmother Karolina PIETKIEWICZ

Families of Charles & Dora RADZIEWICZ (ROGERS) and Mathias & Mary SZMAROWSKI (SMAROWSKY) both of Shenandoah, PA. Also any KARCHUSKY, KARCHAUSKAS, or KARCIUASKAS or similar variation of that name from Schuylkill Co., PA that was in the country by 1880.

Family of Joseph ZUBY (bc1856 Lithuania) and wife Anna (bc1861 Lithuania) of Gilberton, PA. He also went by the Lithuanian version "UZUPIS." They had nine children: Joseph, Maria, Annie, Charles, Margaret, William T., Anthony J., Peter, George, and Thomas.

Any INGLEE/INGLEY/ENGLEY/INGELL/INGELLS people in the US or Canada. I'm gathering as many descendants of Jonathan INGLEE as I can. Go to the link above for more information on what I have.

Also looking for the following families:
Jaime MANICH y CAPDEVILA came from Spain to Puerto Rico in the mid-1800's. He married Maria de los Santos VEGA y AGUILÁR, and had the following children in San Germán, Puerto Rico: Ramón Eustaquio (bc. 1870), Juan José (bc. 1872), & Carmen (bc. 1880).

Juan LORENZO & Benita RODRIGUEZ of Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain. Their son José Antonio LORENZO y RODRIGUEZ went to Puerto Rico and married Maria Monserrate NEGRÓN y DELGADO of San Germán, Puerto Rico, daughter of Felipe NEGRÓN & Lorenza DELGADO. José A. & Maria M. LORENZO had the following children in San Germán: Pedro (bc. 1872), Maria Josefa (bc. 1875), Antonia (bc. 1877), Monserrate Maria (bc. 1883), & Dolores Irenes (b. 1888).

Cipriano TRECEÑO & Victoria ALONZO lived in Pino del Río, Castilla y León, Spain, and moved via Cuba to the United States in 1916. They had children Eutiquio (b. 1892), Silvia (bc. 1896), Cayetano (b. 1897), & Maria (bc. 1901). Any information on the TRECEÑO family would be greatly appreciated.

Hilario SANTIAGO & Antonia HERNÁNDEZ from Peñuelas, Puerto Rico had son Flor SANTIAGO (bc. 1851), who married Catalina Rodriguez GRACIA y ARROYO, daughter of Fermín GRACIA & Dolores ARROYO, and granddaughter of Fermín GRACIA & Josefa MONTABRO and Estaban ARROYO & Laureana PABEY of Peñuelas.

Felix (?) VELAZQUEZ & Maria Josefa ALVARADO had son José Manuel VELAZQUEZ, who, in 1843 in Peñuelas, married Maria de la Cruz MERI. José M. & Maria had Zoilo VELAZQUEZ and Andrés VELAZQUEZ, both of whom resided in Tallaboa, Peñuelas, PR.

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