The VRs here ONLY include those until the early 1800's.

These records were obtained from the microfiche of the handwritten copy of the original and from the microfiched typed copy: the former photographed by and the latter typed by Jay Mack Holbrook, without whom a genealogist could barely exist!

I arranged the records alphabetically by last name, then first - sometimes disregarding spelling variations of names. As I went through the birth records, I added a row for the parents, and added the child to the right. When more children of these parents were found, they were also put along with the same parents. This of course was prone to mistakes in my judgment over who belongs with who. I tried my best in this area, even with so many with the same name and overlapping generations. Occasionally I found something questionable, in which case, I added a comment in brackets. Most spellings of names are as is in records!

NH=Northampton *not* New Hampshire

When I first started putting the records in, I added the spouse's last name and the marriage date to some in the parents' column. I soon abandoned this practice.

Northampton split into several towns during the 1700's (Southampton, Westhampton, etc.), and several families lying within these areas suddenly disappeared from the NH vitals. I was going to also go through the other towns' VRs, but see that I probably will not have time to do this. In any case, many birth records of families are incomplete partially due to the splitting.

There were very few marriage records during the mid-1700's.

Whenever a parent's parents are revealed somewhere in the VRs, I added this information to my chart.

BIRTHS from the Vital Records of Northampton, MA

organized by family's surname

(there are no surnames beginning with Q, U, V, X, Y, or Z)

There are two entries with no surname, included at the end of the T/W section.

DEATHS from the Vital Records of Northampton, MA

alphabetically by surname

{ A-C }{ D-I }{ J-O }{ P-R }{ S-W }

MARRIAGES from the Vital Records of Northampton, MA

alphabetically by bride's surname:

(there are no surnames beginning with O, X, Y, or Z)

alphabetically by groom's surname:

(there are no surnames beginning with Z)

A town name in ( )'s after an entry indicates where that person was from. After a date, it indicates where the marriage took place. NH=Northampton, SH=Southampton, etc.
d=daughter, s=son

Vital Records from Northampton, MA from the town's first record to around 1840. Data from the microfiche typed version and the photographed version of the original handwritten copy prepared by Jay Mack Holbrook.