The Ahnentafel is broken into 3 parts:

English/Irish/Scottish Ancestors (New England)
[paternal grandfather]

French-Canadian Ancestors
[paternal grandmother]

Lithuanian-Polish Ancestors
[maternal grandfather & grandmother]

Warning: Especially in the French-Canadian section, there are many lines that meet with a common ancestor, not always in the same generation, which probably - along with this system of organizing the tree - will lead to confusion.

A couple of points to remember: The data contained in this Ahnentafel should not be considered the final truth or flawless. You should verify any data before considering it or presenting it as such. I have not included sources here. If you would like information on this, I will do my best to track down the source. Some of the data in the 9th to 12th generations came from other online sites. If you see something here that is obviously from your site that you would like to either be cited or be removed, please let me know.

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