High School Graduation Photo - Blythe Township - 1932
My great-aunt Birutha Waitkunas is on the right end in front. A cousin Algerd Bendrick is in there somewhere.

I also have the program for the graduation ceremony (6/7/1932), which lists the names and teachers. I'll list here the names of the students - the "Class Roll" in the order given on the program. If you'd like the other information, such as faculty or the "graduation exercises," then let me know.

Naomi Ruth Brown, Thomas A. Farrell, Joseph T. Whalen, Willis A. Meade, G. Algerd Bendrick [George Algerd], Helen Roman, Joseph T. Mitskas, William J. Kasper, Marl Wilfred Basler, James A. Schneider, Charles F. Singley, John A. Boho, John R. Reed, Thomas J. Canfield, Paul H. Lewis, Anna H. Smulktis, Frances Agnes Brillius, James Edward Wixted, John Francis Gallagher, Ruth Catherine John, Catharine Mary Rigney, Joseph J. Shatus, Hazel E. Boyle, Dolores M. Shields, Catherine F. Leinenbach, Blanche M. Bersanavage, Helen R. Rudaitis, Alfonce W. Zerdy, Elizabeth A. Lubinsky, J. Birutha Waitkunas [Josephine Birutha], Peter A. Whalen, Daniel Joseph Bartashus, Helen B. Brennan, Daniel M. Shields, James A. Flood, Thomas A. O'Neil Jr., Harry R. Deem, Anastasia H. Gzik, Michael E. Mickoseff, Albert B. Lavinskas, Joseph S. Kozlosky, J. Francis Haughney, Edward J. Lawrence, Frances H. Hyniesky, Bernard V. Ruczko, Frank P. Zuraski, Joseph G. Wensus, Alfred V. Gataveskas, John M. E. Flood, Anthony J. Zalonis, Joseph J. Zitkus.
(Those listed as "Honor Students" are in boldface.)

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