I don't know for certain who these people are, living and dead, or where this is. (Sacred Heart Church in New Philadelphia?)
Any help in identifying the date and location would be appreciated.
In the "unknown" photos section, there are pictures of a couple people featured here. In particular, the older lady on the right behind the casket, and her husband (I believe) to the left, behind the younger man, who resembles someone in *another* picture I have. In *that* picture, there is someone who resembles the man standing in back on the left.
My current guess is that this *possibly* is the funeral of Mary (Whalen) Ellex, who died in 2/6/1909 in either Cumbola or New Philadelphia at age 31. If so, then it wasn't a particular snowy time.
I know it doesn't appear to be raining much, but wouldn't be disrespectful to have an open casket in the rain???

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