There is a chance that this is a photograph of Anthony & Eva (Green - then Waitkunas) Whalen. Anthony Whalen (Antanas Valaitis) was bc. 1851 in Lithuania, and immigrated to the US c.1870. Eva Green (Yieva Zalonis?) was born around 1848-9 in Lithuania, immigrated c.1870, first married to Thomas Waitkunas (Vaitkunas) who died in 1877, then married her 2nd husband Anthony Whalen c.1878. They lived in Gilberton for a while, then moved to Cumbola, PA by 1900.
NOTE: This couple appears to appear in the outdoor open-casket picture, making me wonder if the woman in the casket was Mary (Whalen) Ellex, who died in 1909 at age 31 in Cumbola or New Philadelphia, a daughter of Anthony & Eva Whalen.

On the back of the photo there appear to be notes by an artist who probably drew a larger crayon reproduction of this photo. All I can read of the faded penciled notes are dimensions.

Studio: Garvin - Pottsville, PA