Wedding photograph of my great-grandparents (center, sitting) Michalina Wojtkiewicz (Whitcavage) & Boleslaw () Widzicki,
married around 1911, probably in Mahanoy City, PA.

The two older people sitting to their sides are possibly Tadeusz (Tadeus) & Anna (Wojtkiewicz) Wysocki.

Brief story...

Boleslaw Widzicki was born around 1886 around Troki or Wilno, Poland, present day Trakai and Vilnius, Lithuania. Boleslaw left for America from the port of Libau on the ship Smolensk and arrived in New York on Nov. 22, 1907. His brother Jan (John) came over in 1912. Boleslaw settled in Mahanoy City and was a coal miner. Boleslaw's parents were Antoni Widzicki (later Antanas Vidzicki) and Karolina Pietkiewicz. They died in Geguzine, Lithuania and are buried in Zasliai. Boleslaw & John had siblings that remained in Lithuania (Witoldas, Malvina, Sofija, & Alfonsas), with descendants still there today (or so I've been told).

Michalina Wojtkiewicz was born roughly around 1895 probably in or near Kernowa, Poland (now Kernave, Lithuania). Her parents are unknown. They died when she was young. She had several siblings, but I know the names of only two: Justyn and Paulina. Justyn apparently remained in Lithuania. Tadeusz Wysocki was born in or near Kernowa, Poland around 1877, and married Anna Wojtkiewicz around 1901. Tadeusz came to New York in 1904 on the ship Patricia and settled in Mahanoy City, PA. His wife and children came over in 1905 on the ship Hamburg. She brought with her my great-grandmother Michalina Wojtkiewicz, who may have been her niece.
Boleslaw Widzicki ("Boles Vitchiski") died in Middleport, PA in 1956, and Michalina Wojtkiewicz ("Mildred Whitcavage") died in 1939 in Middleport, PA. They are both buried in St. Stephen's cemetery in Port Carbon, PA. [tombstone]

(I didn't bother with diacritical marks in the names of the locations - please forgive my laziness.)

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