I am about 90% certain that this is Anna (Karchauskas - ) Rogers (),
my great-great-grandmother.
She was born around 1847 in Lithuania, to Matthew (Motiejus or Mathias) Karchauskas & Julia (Julija) Kator. She married John Rogers (
Jonas ) around 1866 in Lithuania, and died in New Philadelphia, PA in 1910.

Her death certificate says she was buried in New Philadelphia, but there is no tombstone there for her or her husband. My guess is that their remains were lost after the cemetery was used as a mass grave for influenza victims during a major outbreak. Those bodies were dug up and moved elsewhere, and mix-ups occurred. I don't know why one of the children didn't at least put up a memorial stone in a cemetery for them. Maybe I just haven't found it yet.

On the back of this picture, there are notes from an artist, who did an enlarged drawing of this photograph (which we actually have). The notes say:
"Picture 14 X 20
Bust Crayon
Mrs. Rodzers

Studio: N.M. Wonders - Pottsville, PA